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Learning through Teaching

Did you know that the DOM (Document Object Model) defines the web as objects? Or that this representation of web pages is object-oriented so that it can be modified by scripting languages? While these may seem like basic ideas it’s always interesting to dig into the details of the web that we work in and understand how and why things are the way they are.

I’ve been collecting resources and doing research over the last few weeks to begin putting together a course for designers looking to build a foundational understanding of the web to enhance their ability to design for it. One thing that is consistently a joy about this process is revisiting basic foundational concepts that have been ingrained into me and trying to look at them from the mindset of someone who doesn’t know these things as intimately.

I knew it was called the DOM, that it stood for Document Object Model, and that we could use JS to manipulate and alter it; but I don’t think I ever thought much past that. I may have been told about the object-oriented nature of it once or twice when learning in school, but that bit of knowledge long since left my brain as it was not necessary to my understanding or day-to-day work.

Having worked across design and development on the web for almost 2 decades, I’m finding the curse of knowledge to be a very real thing. I think this is something that many developers have a hard time with; remembering what it’s like to not know. When we look for mentors, coaches and teachers we want someone who can remember what it’s like not to know, and help guide us along the learning journey.

It’s been a joyful refresher to dive back in, learn and re-learn things, and get a sampling of what it’s like to experience these things for the first time again. I’m excited for the work I’m doing and look forward to getting to share these feelings with people as I help them along on their journey.

Adam Sedwick

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