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It's Autism Acceptance Month

In case you didn’t know, April is Autism Acceptance Month. In this month we take time to recognize and celebrate the unique qualities and differences that make all of us who we are. No two humans are the same, and rather than look as those differences as things that set us apart from each other, I like to look at this month as a time to highlight those differences as things that can help bring us together.

In honor of this month I want to help spread the reach of Ellie Middleton’s TEDx talk about her experience with her Autism Diagnosis. This is an experience that is all to familiar for many individuals with a late diagnosis.

If you or someone you know is neurodivergent, I encourage you to listen to and share these stories. The more we talk about these experiences and bring them into the light the more we encourage others to do the same.

Watch the Video

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