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Starting a Digital Garden

This idea was inspired by a conversation at the end of the ShopTalk show Episode 583 with Maggie Appleton.

Maggie’s essay on the Digital Garden concept really struck a cord with me. The idea of being more open and flexible with what is considered “blog worthy” is interesting to me as I am trying to develop my writing skills and share thoughts more openly.

The essay also links out to a swyx post about learning in public which further reinforces the concept of openly sharing what you are learning and working on. This idea is often shared by other prolific bloggers and educators on the web, it’s fairly common to hear “Write about something you recently struggled with and how you solved it,” the idea being that there will inevitably be someone else who comes across this problem and your content may be able to help them.

As a part of this process I hope to update this site more frequently as well as adding additional “digital garden” features like bi-directional links, learning in public, and clear statuses of thoughts as well as exploring some IndieWeb features like WebMentions.

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