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A Playbook for Accessibility

A Playbook for Accessibility

In my work with Design Systems, accessibility often comes up as a topic. Questions can range from the incredibly basic, “What is accessibility?” to the more complex and nuanced, “Is the language of this modal clear enough?” Part of my job is to help guide the designers, developers, content producers, and product owners on their individual journies understanding accessibility and how it impacts their work.

In an effort to not only help the teams I work with, but the larger digital product community I created what I’m calling the Accessibility Playbook, a manual for teams and individuals to reference in order to ensure the products and experiences they create can be used by the largest number of people.

Accessibility is an incredibly dense topic to begin learning, and while there are many resources available already it never hurts to have more. I hope to grow this playbook beyond the basics of what accessibility is, to contain answers to common questions and bring clarity to potential pitfalls. Additionally, I would like to provide helpful insight and useful examples of how to create accessible products for all practices that contribute to the overall accessibility of a product.

Adam Sedwick

I work on Design systems and Advocate for Accessibility on the web.



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