I'm currently rebuilding my site using Astro. Please bear with me as it comes together.

Blind3y3Design 3.0

Welcome to the new Blind3y3Design!

“3.0? What happened to 2.0?” you say? Here’s the deal; after about 4 months of this site being on vanilla Jekyll I decided to switch over to using Octopress. It was great and I didn’t have to change much to get it working. The one thing that kept nagging at me was the design. The layout and design of octopress is generally a good layout. Unfortunately as a developer I like to tinker with things and tweak pretty much everything constantly. This meant editing or overriding pretty much everythign about octopress’ design.

Over the last year and a half I have worked on a large and varied array of projects, as a results I’ve learned a number of new techniques and tools. One of these in particular is I’ve developed my own SMACSS/BEM based Sass naming conventions, even building a framework with it at one point. Now because of this it pains me when I have ot overwrite or use another convention. Along with the naming convention is an organizational folder structure to keep me sane when working on larger projects. I like to split my Sass files up in to folders describing their general purpose.

The reasons mentioned above, and a handfull of others; such as extreme comfort in the command line, have led me back to vanilla Jekyll. I’ve looked at tools like Grav and Kirby, and they’re both great tools, but for Blind3y3Design I felt I didn’t need to use such a large tool. If I were building a client site or working on a project with more than just myself I’d pick something like Kirby in a hearbeat; but as a simple personal site, I didn’t see the need for a CMS, I’m comfortable in my editor and command line, I don’t need an admin panel.

So here we are, I’ve got a nice simple layout based on Poole by @mdo. It’s perfect for me to customize and tinker with as I like. I’m also much more comfortable with the command line, liquid templates, and ruby than I was 2 years ago. I look forward to how this site elvolves and changes in the coming months as my comformt with new web technologies grows and I can build modules on top of Jekyll. Thanks for sticking with me.

As always, keep building better.

Adam Sedwick

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