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Blind3y3Design Version 1.0.0

Yay! We’re up and running using Jekyll. It took some time and has quite a learning curve, but if you’re even remotely comfortable with the command line and you want to create a “simple, blog-aware static site” then it could be the thing for you.

I am by no means a command line guru, and before Jekyll I had never used any markdown language. In just two days I got up and running using Jekyll to set this up. The biggest thing that drew me to using Jekyll was that I wanted to set up a workflow using node, grunt, and sass. Once I installed ruby and set up my grunt stack I realized that it would take more work to version my site before I could push it through FTP to my web host. With Jekyll I could set up a site on Github Pages and my version control would be built in to site contruction and deployment.

I have had quite a lot of fun setting everything up and learning more about the command line and how to use these new technologies.

Big thanks to the creators of Jekyll @Nick Quaranto and @Tom Preston-Werner

Thanks for reading!

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